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A: Hello Betty, long time no see.
B: Hi Amy, nice to see you again. Yes, it has been a long time.

A: This summer is very hot. Where have you been?
B: Yes, very hot, I did not go anywhere special, how about you?

A: Me neither, but I went swimming every day.
B: I see, you are always a sporty girl.

A: Did you go swimming too?
B: No, I don't know how to swim.

A: Why don't you just learn it.
B: I am very scared of water.

A: Oh. Then what did you do in this summer?
B: I mostly stayed indoor.

A: Did you feel bored?
B: That's ok, I sometimes went to the shopping mall.

A: Talking about the shopping mall, it seems that there was a new restaurant opened last month.
B: Yes, I've been there several times already.

A: How is the food there?
B: Excellent, but it is quite expensive.

A: I see, then maybe I will try that later, I am now saving money.
B: Why? Do you have some plan?

A: Yes, I want to travel to Japan with my brother next year.
B: Have you been there before?

A: Yes, only once.
B: I have never been out of town before, I want to go travelling too.

A: Just tell your parents you want to travel.
B: They are always busy at work...

A: Well, you are right.
B: Hopefully, I will have a chance to travel with you.

A: Don't worry, we can arrange some trips later.
B: Nice!

A: Alright, it is very nice to see you again. it is time for me to leave now.
B: OK, let's meet again later. Take care.

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